About processes in the post-Soviet space: Internship program "InteRussia" opened in Moscow

International Relations
On March 21, another program of scientific and research internships for young professionals in international relations, political science and foreign regional studies “InterRussia” opened at the Institute for International Studies of MGIMO University under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The program had been launched by the Fund in partnership with MGIMO and Rossotrudnichestvo.

Project “InteRussia”, implemented in 2021, has provided a unique experience of cooperation and combining potentials of top scientific and political institutions and is the first and only program of this kind in Russia. The goal of InteRussia is to strengthen and expand academic, social and cultural ties, develop conditions for a meaningful dialogue between young professionals in the political and academic communities of Russia and foreign countries.

The topic of the new internship program is “The post-Soviet space 30 years after the breakup of the USSR”. During the next six weeks, 10 young scholars from Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will be conducting individual studies under the guidance of top academic advisors of MGIMO. The participants will meet with representatives of the scientific and expert community and governmental officials, visit educational and sociopolitical platforms and will be able to attend public diplomacy events hosted by partners.

The following speakers addressed the interns at the opening ceremony of the program: Vice President for Graduate and International Programs of MGIMO Andrey Baykov, Director of the Institute for International Studies of MGIMO Maxim Suchkov, Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Victoria Karsliyeva, and Deputy Head of the Administration for Support of International Development and Humanitarian Programs at Rossotrudnichestvo Ruslan Emirveliyev. The participants thanked the organizers for an opportunity to conduct scientific research under the guidance of the best scientists of Russia. Their final research studies may be published in top academic periodicals.

Academic advisors of the program include: Director of the Laboratory of International Processes Analysis at the Institute for International Studies Nikolay Silayev, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Euro-Atlantic Security at the Institute for International Studies Sergey Markedonov, Director of the ASEAN Center Yekaterina Koldunova, Director of the Center for Eurasian Studies at the Institute for International Studies Ivan Safranchuk, Director of the Center of Expertise of the Policy of Sanctions Yekaterina Arapova, and Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Eurasian Studies at the Institute for International Studies Yuliya Nikitina.

The academic advisors welcomed the interns and expressed hope for productive cooperation even under the complicated conditions of the current international agenda. Now the academic community not just in Russia, but in the whole world is passing a test, which will demonstrate to what extent scholars from different countries, despite political disagreements, can support a high-level discussion and the spirit of the republic of scientists that continues to exist. Such inter-institutional, cross-cultural collaboration provides an important starting point and will allow achieving interesting and meaningful practical results.