An opening ceremony of the InteRussia internship program for young professionals in international relations took place at MGIMO Institute of International Relations

International Relations
As it was mentioned by Vice Rector Andrey Baykov at the opening ceremony, the internship program planned more than a year ago, had been initially bringing together researchers from the post-Soviet space, and presently it allowed uniting in one group scholars from all over the world, including from countries of BRICS, Southeastern Asia, Africa and other regions of the world.

“Our goal is not only to share knowledge, but also exchange research practices and synchronize our scientific priorities. This initiative is also aligned with the National Priority Program-2030, which includes a large number of research and scientific projects”.

On October 27, Director of the Institute of International Studies Maxim Suchkov welcomed the participants. The scientist mentioned that the internship provided a unique opportunity not only to gain research experience under the guidance of the best professors, but to communicate with colleagues, discuss many problems of international politics and make their own conclusions.

“The main idea of the program is to provide an opportunity for direct communication with your colleagues from different countries, and at the same time develop your own opinion about the current events. Much work has been done to implement this project for you to meet us here today. We hope that results of the internship will allow you to gain new tremendous experience and knowledge. Remember that there is no elevator to success, but only a ladder. However, we are on that way, always ready to help and share our experience and knowledge”.

Head of the Administration for Public Diplomacy of Rossotrudnichestvo Yekaterina Torubarova also welcomed the interns and mentioned that the provided opportunity to discuss various approaches to the present events is important as never before.

“We believe that knowledge and experience, which you will gain here, will support your professional growth, inspire you for new studies and will provide necessary foundation for the future. This kind of interaction and development of humanitarian cooperation is one of the most important goals of Rossotrudnichestvo”.

Research Programs Coordinator of the Gorchakov Fund Lyana Dymova also addressed the participants and said that the program was one of many programs implemented by the Fund. Foreign journalists, experts in the Russian language and literature visit Russia as part of the InteRussia program.

“We hope that this program will provide foundation for our long-term cooperation and will allow developing a large network of experts and scholars. Under conditions of today’s changes of the global political system and geopolitical shifts, such opportunity of direct communication and an experience exchange is very important”.

This program is a joint project of the Gorchakov Fund, MGIMO University and the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo). The project has been implemented for over a year, including as part of the New Generation Program, and provides an opportunity for young scientists from all over the world to perform research studies under the guidance of top professors at the Institute of International Relations of MGIMO University.

This time, young international relations experts from Argentina, Brazil, India, Serbia, Myanmar, South Sudan and other countries have become participants of the program.