InteRussia Interns Participate in Research Seminar

International Relations
On April 8, a research seminar was held at the Institute for International Studies, where participants of the InteRussia internship program presented the interim results of their work.

The participants provided detailed information about their projects, including the relevance of the research topic, the scientific problem, the research question, and methodology, and also shared some preliminary results. During the discussions following each presentation, the invited researchers received feedback from their scientific mentors and other participants, which will allow them to refine their projects at the final stage of the internship.

In addition to the ten InteRussia participants from Armenia, Brazil, India, Spain, Kenya, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, the seminar featured presentations by Vera Zhornist and Egor Koposov, Ph.D. students at the Center for Eurasian Studies of the IIS, who also shared their dissertation research. The discussion was moderated by Nikita Lipunov, an analyst at the Center for Science Diplomacy and Advanced Academic Initiatives of the IIS. Participants of the "Master's+" program attended the event as listeners.