InteRussia Interns Speak at International Conference of Young Scientists at IMEMO

International Relations
On April 18-19, the annual international conference of young scientists "Ideologies at the Crossroads: Old Concepts and New Paradigms" was held at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations. For the first time, foreign specialists who came to Moscow under the InteRussia internship program took part in the forum.

Over the course of two days, Russian and foreign researchers discussed a wide range of topics: from the foundations of the study of ideology to the centers of new ideologies.

The interns participated in the work of three sections:

  • In the section "Ideologization of the Economy and Economic Ideologies: Business as Usual?", dedicated to systemic changes that affect both the behavior of individual economic agents and the global economy as a whole, with the report "Islamic Finance Pilot in Russia – An Exploratory Analysis of Development, Ideology and Success Factors" spoke Syed Marwan, Associate Professor at the International Islamic University Malaysia.
  • In the section "International Regimes and Global Regulation: Not the 'End of History'", dedicated to the trends and prospects of established and emerging international regimes, Lilly Ferriol Prat, Research Assistant at the BRICS Research Institute, analyzed the development of the BRICS+ format in the context of the crisis of Western ideology and Western-centric global institutions.
  • In the section "Ideologies of New Centers – Centers of New Ideologies", three InteRussia interns spoke at once. Mauricio Furow Levien (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) in his report "Sino-Russian strategic cooperation and the construction of competing ideological agendas" spoke about the key similarities and differences in the foreign policies of the Russian Federation and the PRC in modern geopolitical conditions, Taimur Khan(Research Fellow at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, Pakistan) made a presentation "The ideological foundations of Pakistan's global stand against islamophobia", in which he identified the main elements of Pakistan's policy aimed at combating Islamophobia, Rupal Mishra (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India) presented the modern Indian model of development based on a market economy and support for all segments of society in her speech "Beyond neoliberalism: Bharatiya Model of inclusive development as a case study in alternative development paradigm for the Global South".

After the presentations, the participants of the discussion talked about the features of the ideological development of India and Israel, made assumptions about the reasons for the crisis of modernity in Western Europe, and also discussed how the perception of history has changed and whether we can talk about a new stage in the comprehension of reality.

Based on the results of the conference, a collection "World Development" will be prepared.