InteRusssia interns in international relations met with Yevgeny Primakov

International Relations
On November 7, participants of the third part of the InteRussia Internship Program, organized by the Gorchakov Fund in partnership with Rossotrudnichestvo and MGIMO University, met with Yevgeny Primakov. Young professionals in the area of international relations from Argentina, Brazil, Myanmar, India, Serbia and South Sudan were able to communicate face-to-face with the head of the agency and ask questions. Head of Rossotrudnichestvo told the interns about the humanitarian policy of Russia in general and projects of the agency in particular. He also mentioned today's difficulties in the work of the Russian Houses under conditions of sanctions.

“There are many stereotypes about Russia in the world, which need to be destroyed. This being said, it is always important for us, when working with our foreign partners not to come into disagreement with national values of their countries. The western sanctions, of course, have affected the Russian Houses – they have been closed in several countries in the Balkans, and some employees have been sent away from certain countries. However, even in such environment we continue working to strengthen the image of Russia as an exporter of stability and security – this is our product”.

On November 3, the first class of the educational module of the internship took place – a master class taught by Director of the ASEAN Center of MGIMO University Y.V. Koldunova “Quantitative and qualitative methods of international studies”. The interns refreshed their knowledge about the research methodology and began developing and discussing a research design of their own research projects during the interactive working session. The day after they visited the Gorchakov Fund where they learnt about major areas of work of the organization.

The InteRussia internship in the area of international relations is a traditional educational event of the Gorchakov Fund implemented, among others, as part of the New Generation Program of Rossotrudnichestvo. It is the second program in 2022 for professionals in this area. Young researchers from countries of the post-Soviet space took part in the first internship in spring.