InteRussia Fellowship Programme on International Relations has ended in Moscow

International Relations
On 28 April, the Gorchakov Fund held the closing ceremony of the first spring intake of the fellowship programme for young international relations specialists.

Lyana Dymova, Academic Programmes Coordinator at the Gorchakov Fund, thanked the foreign specialists for participation and wished them further career success:

"Today we are witnessing a massive change in the entire global political landscape. The centre of gravity is shifting to new regions that are now shaping the global agenda. That is why it is crucial that we join forces to forge a common vision of the emerging order. Over the past six weeks, you have not only been able to immerse yourself in the life and culture of another country, but also to share experience with the leading subject matter researchers and experts. This programme gives a unique opportunity to create long-term partnerships between the academic communities of Russia and other countries, and we will continue our cooperation after the programme is over."

A welcome address for the programme participants were made by Vyacheslav Sutyrin, PhD in Political Science, Director of the Centre for Science Diplomacy and Advanced Academic Initiatives, the MGIMO Institute for International Studies:

"I would like to thank all the colleagues and partners for their productive work together. I congratulate all the participants on the successful completion of the programme: you look interested and enthusiastic. We will be very glad if you publish your scientific research, as it is very important both for you and us."

Sergey Orlov, Leading Specialist at the Gorchakov Fund, has also contributed to the congratulatory message to the foreign guests:

"For you it is a great experience of communication with experts and leading academicians of our partners. You have spent six weeks making the most of your academic time. During this period I have become accustomed to you being here, I have begun to understand your preferences and appreciate your leadership qualities. Goodbye!"

The InteRussia fellowship programme is a a joint project of the Gorchakov Fund, MGIMO University and Rossotrudnichestvo, which is also implemented as part of the ‘‘New Generation’’ programme.

Over the past six weeks, young scholars from India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania have conducted scientific research under the guidance of the leading academic staff of MGIMO’s Institute for International Studies.