The Gorchakov Fund hosted InteRussia interns

On September 26, foreign journalists from ASEAN member countries – participants of the first fall cohort of the InteRussia internship – visited the Gorchakov Fund. The topic of the meeting was international media and business cooperation. Representatives of TV BRICS and Russia-ASEAN Business Council were invited to attend the event as speakers.

The experts told the guests about cooperation among media of Russia, Brazil India, China and South Africa in content distribution and special projects, which allow to create more just order in the global media space. They discussed opportunities for cooperation between TV BRICS and media resources of the ASEAN member countries. The upcoming business summits with the participation of Russia and countries of the East Asian association were also covered during the meeting.

Deputy Director of TV BRICS Daria Ivankova introduced the foreign journalists to the TV channel.

“We are introducing the world to the BRICS countries through immersion into their traditions, history, culture, sport, economy, and modern trends. I would provide several examples of our joint projects. We are making documentaries based upon the books by Dostoyevsky and the music by Tchaikovsky – this promotes immersion into the Russian culture. There is also a joint Russia-Belarusian media project on agricultural economy ”Agroparallels". Another case is fighting dissemination of false news about the COVID-19. Also, special attention is paid to cooperation in the area of education between universities of the organization's member countries and hosting festivals: an international cinema festival is an important event for the BRICS countries".

Executive Director of Russia-ASEAN Business Council Daniyar Akkaziyev spoke about heterogeneity of Russia and countries of the region and also about importance of advancing an objective and the most comprehensive picture of each other in order to build business contacts.

“Russia is a partner of the business dialogue with all ten ASEAN member countries. We do not see any obstacles for business cooperation, and there are no difficulties coming from the countries of the association. People in Russia have an idea about food and popular tourist attractions in Southeastern Asia, and our colleagues know that it is cold in Russia and the country is rich in natural resources. It is hard to speak about technological and agricultural cooperation if we do not know basic characteristics of our countries”.

The InteRussia program provides a unique opportunity for professionals to attend lectures and master classes taught by top media agencies, learn first-hand about the Russian agenda, exchange experience with colleagues from various countries and attend public diplomacy events hosted by partners. During four weeks of the intensive training, the participants will be able to visit major sociopolitical and technological platforms and meet representatives of the academic and expert community.

This cohort brings participants from countries of Southeastern Asia – Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. The topic of the internship is “Russia and ASEAN: Achievements, Dilemmas, Challenges”. Partners of the current program are ASEAN Center of MGIMO University and Sputnik Agency.

Last week the interns visited the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology where they met with Vice Rector Denis Stolyarov, who told them about the process of education at the institute, the role of foreign scholars and students in its work and about prospects of international cooperation with the ASEAN countries. The participants also met with Head of the NTI Center of Excellence in Wireless and IoT Dmitry Lakontsev, who introduced them to the latest developments in 5G/6G and open standards of wireless communications OpenRAN. Besides, the interns visited the robotical lab of Skoltech, the digital agrolab and the lab for studies of material where students and professors had already created numerous startups in that field.