Participants of the InteRussia internship met with BRICS representatives

Deputy General Director of TV BRICS Darya Ivankova made a presentation about the project of the international network during a meeting at the Gorchakov Fund.

“We are building cooperation with media companies in a certain way, and that method has proved its efficiency. The important element of our our approach is a multilateral, high-quality exchange of information among various editors offices. Thanks to that method, we do not need to create new media in foreign languages to promote our agenda in another media landscape: we integrate our national news content into other news broadcast by local media, which already have their audience and users”.

She also told about the history of creation of the network, mechanisms of work of foreign representative offices, and the main mission of broadcasting. Ms. Ivankova mentioned joint projects of TV BRICS with different media groups from Brazil, China, India and South Africa. The speaker emphasized that such an extended network of media helped residents of BRICS countries to learn more about Russia, its history, values, traditions and goals.