Moscow has launched the InteRussia fellowship programme for African journalists and the “BRICS Global Media Tour. Russian Edition”

The official ceremony took place at the Gorchakov Fund on 3 July. This time, the InteRussia programme is attended by 10 journalists from Botswana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Gambia, Kenya, Republic of the Congo, Senegal, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. The current programme is partnered by Rossotrudnichestvo, the “Rossiya Segodnya” media group, and the TV BRICS international media network of the BRICS member-states.

During the fellowship that is taking place from 2 to 30 July in Moscow and St Petersburg, its participants will visit trainings and workshops at the “Rossiya Segodnya” media group, meet prominent statesmen and academic figures, as well as take part in the Second “Russia-Africa” Summit in St Petersburg.

The opening session was visited by 7 journalists from BRICS+ countries, Brazil, China, India, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe who are participating in the “BRICS Global Media tour. Russian Edition.” The tour is being organised with the grant support of the Gorchakov Fund and will be held in Moscow and Kemerovo. Its attendees will meet representatives of regional and federal government agencies, as well as take part in the events of the International Prize entitled “Global Energy.” A TV film presentation is planned after the end of the programme.

The discussion under the topic “BRICS and Africa in the context of global transformation” was moderated by Sergey Orlov, Leading Specialist at the Gorchakov Fund.

Valeria Gorbacheva, Head of the Multilateral Strategic Project Office at Higher School of Economics, welcomed the guests and told them about Russia’s cooperation with the BRICS countries:

"BRICS is a shining example of the efficiency of multipolar diplomacy. Countries with different cultural and civilisational backgrounds have come together on the basis of an effective foreign policy thought to develop common responses to multiple global challenges and threats. That is why more and more emerging economies show a lively interest in the activities of the association. Russia deems the expansion of BRICS possible, while suggesting that procedures and requirements for new candidates should be defined. However, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned that one should not expect a rapid expansion of the bloc just yet, as Moscow will not disclose details of the dialogue, because it is a ‘delicate process’ and any decision will be based on in-depth consultations among the five countries."

The next speaker was Daria Ivankova, Deputy General Director of TV BRICS. She gave a lecture on the cooperation between the BRICS member-states and African countries, and then she focused on the expansion of the geographical reach of her news outlet’s publications:

"We are more than convinced that BRICS and Africa have a lot in common. There is a huge experience in various fields that can be shared with each other. Through our programmes we have built practical cooperation with other regions of the world as well. Since December, more than 300 articles have been published on our own resources and by partner media of the international TV BRICS network in Latin America. As part of our programme, the participants of the media tour will visit Kemerovo, including the events of the ‘Global Energy’ Association. The tour will be a great start for all of us, as there is a lot of interesting things ahead!"

The opening ceremony was moderated by Victoria Karslieva, Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund:

"We decided to make the launch of the two programmes coincide, as each of you is a professional journalist of great experience. We are delighted to see such keen interest in engaging with Russia and to welcome you here today at the Gorchakov Fund. Although the programmes vary in length and content, you will have the opportunity to get to know Russia better, learn about Russian achievements in various fields, and establish new contacts for further cooperation not only with the Russian side, but also amongst yourselves. We will continue to work with everyone after the programme ends. We want you to make the most of this fellowship for your future projects and careers. This is a great opportunity to visit our country, to get a closer look at its culture, and to communicate with your colleagues at the Second Summit ‘Russia-Africa’ which is also an economic and social forum."

Welcome remarks were delivered by Leonid Drachevsky, Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund:

"It is a pleasure to welcome the participants of the two programmes, and it is a good idea for all of you to meet together, because the great work you will be doing at the ‘Rossiya Segodnya’ media group and the activities of the media tour are extremely interesting. I am glad that you will have the opportunity to get to know not only Moscow but Siberia, and someone will also visit St Petersburg. You will get an idea of our country: these programmes will bring you many emotions and impressions. I would like to thank our partners for their work and invaluable cooperation. I wish you fruitful work and creative success. Good luck!"

Yevgeny Primakov, Head of Rossotrudnichestvo, has also celebrated the programmes’ partners and participants on their official launch:

"You will see the importance our country attaches to cooperation with the African continent at the Russia-Africa forum. The Summit is a great historical event for every sovereign state. We would like our friendship to be based not only on memories from the past, but also on building a new world. I have no doubt in your professional skills: we are interested to exchange experience and vision for the future of Africa together with you. Welcome to Russia!"

Asya Samoilova, Head of the Media Relations Department at the “Rossiya Segodnya” media group, has also joined the congratulatory message for the participants:

"Our journalism programme is not about to teach you something, because all of you are true professionals. We are eager to learn the nature of journalism in other countries: this is very important for us, as an international news agency. A month-long trip abroad is always a new experience. I wish you good luck!"