An opening ceremony of the InteRussia Internship Program in international journalism took place in Moscow

On November 21, Coordinator of Research Programs of the Gorchakov Fund Lyana Dymova welcomed the attendees at the press center of MIA Rossiya Segodnya and radio Sputnik.

“The InteRussia Program is a unique opportunity for foreign professionals in different areas not only to improve their professional level and gain new knowledge, but also to learn about the Russian agenda, exchange experience and meet top Russian experts in their fields. This being said, the region of Latin America has not been chosen by accident. In the recent years, significant changes of the global political landscape have been taking place, the center of gravitation and political activity has been shifting, which make rapprochement between Russia and Latin America especially important. That is why implementation of this program is crucial for both countries, and we hope that this program will provide foundation for effective cooperation of our countries”.

Director of the Department of International Cooperation at MIA Rossiya Segodnya and radio Sputnik Vasily Pushkov also addressed the interns. He gave a lecture on the topic of distortion of the perception of Russia under conditions of the television propaganda by western media. Then, Vasily talked about work of the agency and an internal structure of the national media in Russia.

“I lived and worked in Japan for a long time. The problem is that our citizens do not really have any idea about the East Asian country. The same way people in countries of Latin America and other countries do not have any idea about Russia, but just a set of stereotypes. In order to understand a foreign culture, you need to learn its history and emerge into it. This month will allow you to better understand Russian values and will provide you with a better idea of our country. I hope that the InteRussia Program will be useful for you and for us in terms of understanding and getting to know each other.”

Following the opening ceremony, the participant took a tour around the International Multimedia Press Center and the newsroom. The program will last for four weeks: from November 21 to December 19.

This time, guests from Latin American countries participate in the internship: from Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Columbia, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. They will learn firsthand about the Russian agenda, attend lectures and exchange experience with colleagues from different countries. An extensive cultural program, which includes visits to major tourist attractions of Moscow, is awaiting international journalists.