InteRussia interns met with Maria Zakharova

On October 4, journalists from the countries of Southeastern Asia visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The topic of the meeting was communication of the country's official point of view in the existing media space. Diplomat and Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova met with the interns.

The official representative of the agency told the guests about importance of media in the international political agenda. Today Russia is in the information blockade, that is why it is important for the country to communicate its position to the global community.

The topic of ASEAN was also mentioned during the meeting. According to the diplomat, the world is not divided into developing and developed countries. That association was founded based on trust and transparency, and similar to Russia it supports an honest dialogue with all countries. The speaker emphasized that everyone should have a voice in the media environment.

Following the presentation, the international journalists were able to ask questions about the work of media in the changing world.