The Gorchakov Fund and RT Welcome Journalists for InteRussia

On May 13, the Gorchakov Fund, in collaboration with RT Arabic the ANO "Mezhdunarodniki", launched the InteRussia internship program for journalists from North Africa and the Middle East. The opening ceremony took place at the RT office in Moscow, marking the beginning of an opportunity for international media professionals to exchange experiences with their Russian counterparts.

The event brought together key figures from both organizations, including Alexey Nikolov, Managing Director of RT, Sergey Orlov, Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund, Maya Manna, Head of RT Arabic, and heads of various departments within the channel.

During his speech, Sergey Orlov emphasized the key components of the program, stating, "This is our second InteRussia for Arab journalists and the first in collaboration with RT. We are delighted that together we could bring you to Moscow. You have 4 intense weeks ahead of you, both professionally and culturally. We hope they will help you understand Russia and, perhaps, come to love it."

Following the opening ceremony, the journalists embarked on a comprehensive tour of RT Arabic studio and news department. They were welcomed by the channel's experienced staff, who provided them with an in-depth look at the various stages of news production, from observing live broadcasts to visiting the control room. To facilitate their access to the RT facilities during the internship, each participant received a personalized access pass. This pass allows them to enter the building, use the necessary equipment, and collaborate with their colleagues seamlessly.

InteRussia participants include nine journalists from eight countries: Algeria, Iran, Bahrain, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, and Somalia. Throughout their stay, they will have the chance to immerse themselves in the workings of RT's newsrooms and websites, gaining valuable insights into Russia's media landscape and journalistic principles.

The project is implemented with the grant support of the Presidential Grants Fund.