The Gorchakov Fund launches the InteRussia fellowship programme for foreign doctors

5 December saw the opening ceremony of the InteRussia fellowship programme for specialists in the field of medicine. This is the first programme of the Gorchakov Fund partnered by Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

Ruslan Emirveliev, Head of the International Development Department, Sechenov University, delivered his welcoming remarks to the participants:
"The programme is attended by specialists in regenerative medicine, urology and cardiology. Today, these are some of the most important areas in modern medicine. We wish you fruitful work and an eventful fellowship!"
He was followed by Sergey Orlov, Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund:
"The development of international cooperation in the field of medicine is a new field for the Fund. Within the framework of our activities, we mostly specialise in the implementation of projects related to international relations and public diplomacy. This fellowship is a new step in broadening the scope of InteRussia. We hope we will succeed."
The fellowship is attended by seven specialists from China, Cuba, India, India, Iraq, and Turkey.

Over the next two weeks, they will be introduced to advanced methods and technologies under the guidance of leading scientists and doctors from the First Moscow State Medical University.