Participants of InteRussia fellowship programme for foreign Russianists visited the Gorchakov Fund

Russian Studies
On 9 June, the Gorchakov Fund held a meeting between the participants of the fellowship programme for Russian studies and Tamara Skok, Head of the “Modern Russian” international project, Director of the Innovative Linguistic Projects Department of the TV BRICS media network. She told the young scholars about the history of creation and development of the “Modern Russian” web resource, which is a unique educational space that provides accessible and diverse media content on various Russian language topics: from topical issues of teaching Russian as a foreign language to workshops on Russian for the media and holding teleconferences, from linguistic and country-specific educational resources to a collection of proverbs and sayings about language and speech. At the same time, the project’s audience is constantly growing, its geography is expanding, and the growing demand for high-quality materials on the topic of learning and teaching Russian puts forward a task of constant development.

"By visiting our resource, you can find a lot of information and interesting facts that even many Russians don’t know about. Thus, it helps not only foreigners who learn Russian, but also native speakers."

The fellows have also talked to the Gorchakov Fund experts. The participants were greeted by Sergey Orlov, Leading Specialist at the Gorchakov Fund. During his speech, he also introduced the fellows to the information on the Fund’s activities:

"We are open to your suggestions for projects that will facilitate dialogue with Russia and Russian non-profit organisations, civil society, or promote the Russian language in your country. To better understand the opportunities to support the non-profit sector in Russia and international projects, we hold biannual training events for NPO leaders and managers. We are glad to see such great interest in the InteRussia Russian language programme and hope to continue our cooperation after the programme ends, including on projects related to the promotion of the Russian language abroad."

Lyana Dymova, Academic Programmes Coordinator at the Gorchakov Fund, shared more details on the Fund’s activities regarding the InteRussia fellowship programmes:

"This programme was successfully launched in 2021 and is now in its third year. During this time we have expanded the range of specialities and courses of fellowships, as well as the geography of the project. In the current conditions, the InteRussia fellowship programme is an efficient tool for intensifying scientific cooperation and promoting positions of Russia in the academic community. In 2022, more than 60 people from different countries who study different topics have already completed the fellowship programme. At the end, the participants can become our partners, host joint projects, and receive a grant from the Fund. That is how the fellowship offers a wide range of opportunities for developing multilateral cooperation."

The participants thanked the organisers of the event, shared their impressions of the programme, as well as discussed diplomats, international relations specialists, and Russian authors.

The current programme is being jointly implemented by the Gorchakov Fund, Rossotrudnichestvo, and the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.